Delete all Lightup Info, Cache clearing

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Delete all Lightup Info, Cache clearing

Post by bryansears » Sat Jul 28, 2018 4:54 pm

My recent adventure with lightup has been solving a mysterious source for a huge glow.
When I could not track it down, I thought a good solution was to utterly purge all lightup info, clear the cache, delete the layers, and see what happens. the glow persisted. it would not be purged.

Then, I created a box around the glowing area and affected geometry (i could determine a general area of origin by the shadows being cast) and started to inspect all the geometry within the decreasing box area (the quarantine).

I was using the query tool to inspect all faces for emitter rays, any signs of being emitters. I found the INSIDE OF THE GEOMETRY was the source of the emitter material. I made a mistake somewhere, and congratulations to me on my trouble shooting, however...

I had already attempted to delete all the lightup data, layers, cache, restarts, even saving the model as another file.

Can anyone tell me how the emitter data was retained after my attempted purges? Is there a better way to junk all the lightup data and start fresh? OBV having another file saved as a Lightup free zone would work as well.

I ask because as I learn and experiment, mistakes are made, so it's good to be able to delete all the info so unknown mistakes can be eliminated.

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Re: Delete all Lightup Info, Cache clearing

Post by kendallw » Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:53 pm

I believe the information is saved in the material, so it won't matter if you purge everything. It will still exist in the material. Easy fix though, just use the light source quiery tool (light bulb) and hold alt and click on the material and a dialog box will come up. un-check the emitter box. Then save the material back to your library if you use it in a library. That way it won't show up in other models.

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